Who do I call if something breaks in my apartment?


*If you live in a condominium building and you own your unit, you are responsible for repairing anything that breaks from "the walls in". If you are a renter, you should contact your landlord unless StarTower Management is managing your rental building.


In condominium buildings, StarTower will manage the common areas which include hallways, laundry room, basement, exterior etc. However, sometimes the source of a problem causing damage to your unit may be from an issue in a common element. If this is verified by a qualified vendor then the association is responsible for making repairs in your unit. StarTower has a database of qualified vendors that we can recommend to assist you when repairs need to be done in your unit.


When I need a reimbursement for purchases made for the association, may I deduct the amount from my monthly common charge?


*Direct purchases should be avoided, but on the rare occasion that this occurs a receipt must be submitted to StarTower and a check will be processed for your reimbursement. Please do not deduct any expense from your common charge payment.


Who should I make my common charge check out to?


*Always make your check payable to your condo association and never send cash. Mail to StarTower Management, PO Box 17329 Jersey City NJ  07307.



Contact StarTower Management at 201-706-3043 when you have questions.