StarTower Management, LLC is based on the premise that quality customer service should not be a thing of the past and that proactive, attentive care when it comes to property managmeent is the model for success. Our focus is quality not quantity, therefore our customers receive the best service possible. Quality property management cannot be done from behind a desk. Regular visits to our properties and proactive recommendations to resolve building issues is what sets us apart from our competitors.


With more than 20years experience, StarTower Management provides the type of committed service that homeowners deserve. Our experience includes working with city inspectors, vendors, attorneys, condominium board members and homeowners; handling major projects such as oil tank removal, soil remediation, oil to gas conversions, building renovations and capital improvements.


StarTower Management shops the major line items when preparing your budget each year to ensure that your association receives the best service at a great price. When capital improvements need to be done at the building, we assist the board in determining whether special assessments and/or maintenance increases are necessary. We also make recommendations regarding obtaining a reserve study to determine the remaining useful life of common elements and the wisdom of setting up a reserve account.